Status Message

This is where we are also headed. A Canadian province has passed a law ruling that parents who do not agree with and support their child's "gender identity" or "gender expression" will have them removed from their care! Andrews is already forcing the "Safe Schools" gender theory program on Victorian school kids, these type of laws are the next step. Canada is, by this ruling, telling it's population you will be socially engineered, you will succumb to the indoctrination, you will abide by our cultural Marxist, so called "progressive" agenda or else you will be punished! At next years Vic election we must ensure that Daniel Andrews and the labour party are removed from power. But we must also be aware that untill we start voting for nationalistic government we will continue down the same path, the outcome may be delayed slightly, but while we continue to put mainstream parties into power we still end up in the same nation destroying place.

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