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I think I along with most of you had hoped that the wave of home invasions,car jackings, armed robberies,etc. being largely carried out by African/Sudanese/"apex" would not have lasted this long.I believe that we all had hoped that the police would be on top of it by now.The problem isn't the highly understaffed police that are as upset about these issues just as much as we are.I personally attended a community meeting in Caroline Springs a few nights ago where a local Melton police officer was holding back tears as he gave his thoughts and opinions on these matters,the look on his face as he told us that due to these new crimes occurring every night in Melton that his wife after living in Melton for 20 or so years now gets him to put the downstairs alarm on before they go to bed.It is our Courts and government letting us down not the police.This has gone on for far too long.We at the TBC will be holding an event in Melton soon to bring some further light to these issues as Melton locals along with many other areas are going to bed in fear every night.This is unacceptable,I cannot recall a time in Australia when everyday people sleep with weapons close by,form patrol groups for there local area,create FB pages to keep up to date with the amount of crime taking place on a daily occurrence.Keep an eye out for further details soon.ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

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