Status Message

It is sometimes hard to believe what is happening in this world we are living in. Take a look at this image of American comedian Kathy Griffin staging a mock beheading of the US president, completed by holding a realistic Donald Trump head in her hands covered in blood. Since she is an advocate of "left wing" politics, and Donald Trump is perceived as sitting on the "right", this is deemed ok. Let's imagine what the reaction would have been if this was a representative for the patriots of America, or somebody on their Alt-Right pretending to have beheaded anybody, say, Hillary Clinton, or better yet, holding a fake Barrack Obama head, one doesn't have to think too hard to imagine the world wide condemnation somebody from "our side" of the political spectrum would come under. In fact, we have the Bendigo 3 charged and going through the courts as we speak for beheading a dummy made out of pillows! The "left" loves to talk about fighting against the system, and deluding themselves into believing that there is a bias or favouritism shown to patriotic and nationalistic people of the world over themselves, a trait which only goes to show how truly insane "left wing", communist, SJW crowd are! At least it's consistent I suppose, Islamic scripture has a lot in common with the most murderous ideology the world has ever known, COMMUNISM, the same murderous ideology that these left wing morons subscribe to and promote to our youth.

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